August 2020

the location.status webhook.
the ability to hide the firstSix and lastFour numbers on a card.
icon and iconBackground properties to a Program.
the ability for you to do Certificate pinning for outbound requests through webhooks.
demo data for new accounts.
with Visa Offers Platform for Offer Activation APIs.
endpoint to list the cards associated to an Offer with activation.
estimatedActivationDate property to the Location object and on the Dashboard.
Dashboard to disable location syncing while the sync status is pending.
Transaction processing for storing mastercardAuthCode.


an issue on the Dashboard with the ”First Name”, ”Last Name” and ”Job Role” fields not showing maximum characters length.
the ”Job Title” field from signup form.
the icon validation Regex.
the storage microservices
location storage issues.
Mastercard auth card-linking response issues.
incorrect fail response code when linking a location to an offer.
refunded transaction creation for cards linked to an expired activation offer.
an issue with negative time spans on the Dashboard for Offers creation.
an issue with all invalid webhooks showing error messages when failing to create a new webhook.
an issue with linking cards to offers for Visa.
a Locations microservices issue for cities names.
a Visa microservices issue around merchants being already onboarded.
an HTTP response issue with the body being converted to string twice.


reports for test automation.
a bug with the Dashboard overlay for submitting a MID.
a transaction.cashback.failed webhook.
an issue on the Dashboard to prevent a popover flicker between test and live switch.
and issue with the actions menu on the Offers Dashboard page.
an error with highlighting fields and email validation messages.
an issue on the Dashboard where clicking “Raw” was duplicating the menu item in the dropdown.
tests for Sign-Up, Offers, Onboarding, Merchants, Transactions, Card-Linking, estimatedActivationDate, `location.status1, password policy, Cards, Locations, Accounts, Users.
an issue with linked locations from a Merchant group on Offers without activation in async process.
an endpoint to remove a Merchant from a Visa Merchant Group.
a new npm package to handle identity validation.