July 2020

refunded test transactions to be of type clearing instead of auth.
the transaction.refund webhook for refunded transactions.
the ability for publishers to receive a limited number of qualified transactions from an offer with activation.
security account flags to remove card's firstNumbers and lastNumbers from responses.


private ids for live brands when deleting a location.
font rendering issues in Chrome.
an issue with an invalid users error message on the live endpoint.
an issue with our identity microservices around permissions and SNS messages.
an issue with our identity microservices creating users without correct credentials.
an issue with Dashboard live mode, making it single user.
an issue on the Dashboard edit modals with a misplaced badge on the title area.
an issue on the Dashboard with the Filter button colour.
an issue with the documentation link in the error message for creating a test card.
pagination to the Offers list endpoint.
an issue with the VOP community code.
an issue with updating payments details.
Amex transaction ids to be nine characters long.
the middleware microservices to include security filtering.


our styled components to use v5.
tests for live environments, uncovered endpoints, identity service, offer qualification, refunds.
the API to use the new User Accounts.
our identity service Password Policy.
data-tag for close buttons in Dashboard.
validation for creating an Offer.
pending qualification transactions to be deleted when a refund transaction is matched.