September 2020

multi-currency support for invoices based out on account properties.
the ability to sync a program via the Program Update endpoint.
a flag to create a location with auto-sync.
mastercardAuthCode property to transaction output model.


invalid payloads in locations sync handler.
multiple environment deployments for new AWS accounts.
Cognito Identity to not always call SSM.
local storage logic to be single consistent implementation.
transaction microservice issues.
some programs not being able to sync from US / CAN to Visa.
issue with errors being alerted.
the Amex going live flow on the Dashboard.


microservices used for locations and onboarding.
reused configuration to the credentials npm package.
new VOP US community codes to API.
the endpoint and tests for Program Sync.
the going live data flow.
estimatedActivationDate to analytics.
and stress-tested new transaction intake system.
tests for the dashboard, webhooks, onboarding merchants, resource creation, card-linking, activation
automation for offers.