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Version Log


statusCode for USA locations.
geolocation information on the transactions.
cleaned up transactions objects.

  • This affects:
    • Endpoints:
      • transactions/{transactionsId}
      • brand/{brandId}/transactions
      • program/{programId}/transactions
    • Webhooks:
      • transaction.auth
      • transaction.auth.qualified
      • transaction.clearing
      • transaction.clearing.qualified


  • :
    • datetime - local date time and does NOT have timezone information
    • brand
    • card
    • location
    • identifiers
  • :
    • merchantId
    • live
    • date
    • time
  • :
    • metadata is now a card property.
    • midid is now a property of identifiers as MID.
    • brand is an object containing id, name, logoURL and metadata,
    • all the properties from cards moved under card (id, firstNumbers, lastNumbers, scheme),
    • all the properties from locations moved under location (id, address, city, postcode, countryCode, timezone*, geolocation*, metadata*),

*new properties.


new webhooks (brand.consent and program.status)


metadata to Brand, Location and Program objects


the currency property from the create/update location schema


initial base API version

Updated 3 months ago

Version Log

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