October 2020

a new endpoint to unlink a Card from an Offer.


September 2020

multi-currency support for invoices based out on account properties.
the ability to sync a program via the Program Update endpoint.
a flag to create a location with auto-sync.
mastercardAuthCode property to transaction output model.


August 2020

the location.status webhook.
the ability to hide the firstSix and lastFour numbers on a card.
icon and iconBackground properties to a Program.
the ability for you to do Certificate pinning for outbound requests through webhooks.
demo data for new accounts.
with Visa Offers Platform for Offer Activation APIs.
endpoint to list the cards associated to an Offer with activation.
estimatedActivationDate property to the Location object and on the Dashboard.
Dashboard to disable location syncing while the sync status is pending.
Transaction processing for storing mastercardAuthCode.


July 2020

refunded test transactions to be of type clearing instead of auth.
the transaction.refund webhook for refunded transactions.
the ability for publishers to receive a limited number of qualified transactions from an offer with activation.
security account flags to remove card's firstNumbers and lastNumbers from responses.